Follow the Proven System

I’ve joined a number of different programs in my life.

  • Online courses on building a side business
  • Weight loss systems
  • Books on how to interview better
  • Tutorials for using software, like Tableau
  • Etc.

One thing I’ve struggled with is following the system to a T.

For example, right now I’m using a weight loss system. It is working okay, but guess what? I haven’t been following it 100%. Even though I haven’t really been eating junk food, I’ve been eating more calories than it recommends.

Not only that, but I’m eating the wrong types of foods. It says to eat lean meat and a bunch of veggies – I have a few pieces of pizza.

Again, could be worse- I could be eating a big brownie smothered with ice cream. But I’m not doing what I should be.

…hence, my results are hindered. I’m losing weight, but not as fast as I could be.

The same goes with a course I took on freelancing. I followed it kind of, but not 100%. So where does that get me? I’m not making as much as I could be with it. I have a little success, but not much.

Whereas if I’d followed the system, I’d probably be much better off right now.

Avoiding bright shiny object syndrome is tough. It’s a lot sexier to chase that exciting new thing than pursue the system we signed up for.

It’s tempting to go off track. To think “well, I know a better way to do that.” Sometimes that may be true. But you know what? When someone successful lays out a plan with a successful track record, it’s at least worth giving that plan a shot before moving into something else.

Trying new things is okay. Actually, it should be encouraged. But following the given system should be the #1 priority.

Are you following the systems provided to you? Or do you tend to stray off course like I do?

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